Bathtub newborn gifts

Theme-centered newborn gifts are fun to give and fun to receive! All newborns deserve a fun, relaxing and comfortable bath time. A great newborn gift idea is a bathtub filled with all the necessary accessories for a great bath. The first thing you need is a user friendly bathtub. The tub will be the main expense for your gift, so luckily there are many different options for all types of budgets.

There are infant tubs that simply sit on your counter and you fill with water. There are contoured tubs with padded lining. Other tubs are adjustable and designed to last from newborn through toddler years. There are even tubs that have temperature gauges and built-in aquariums on the sides. Some tubs have a fresh water rinse with battery-powered showers that allow you to rinse your baby with fresh water instead of bath water! Most varieties of tubs can be found at any major retailer such as Target, Wal-Mart, or Toys-R-Us.

Once you have chosen your bathtub, putting together the rest of the gift is easy. Simply take the tub out of the box and fill it with all kinds of bath accessories. Useful bath items include baby shampoo, baby body wash, hooded bath towel, wash rag, sponge for washing hair, comb, brush, and a couple of toys. Keep in mind that a newborn won’t be playing with bath toys yet, so brightly colored toys that make noise are best. A rubber ducky would be appropriate! Depending on your budget, you can also include cotton t-shirts, onesies, baby booties, or warm caps. The main focus of bath time should be getting the infant clean while creating a warm, comfortable environment. Filler items should keep within that theme. Use your own personal style to arrange items and give it a personal home-made touch.

Once you have filled your tub with accessories, wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon. You now have a newborn gift that is thoughtful, useful, and personalized.