Bouny seats as newborn gifts

Baby swings and bouncy seats have been popular newborn gift items for many years. Swings take up a good amount of space and aren’t as portable as bouncy seats. Traditional bouncy seats are good for older babies, since they can rock them with their constant movement. Newborns aren’t strong enough to create movement in a bouncy seat. Bouncy seats have now evolved into vibrating bouncy seats. Parents and newborns alike seem to love the vibrating aspect of the newer bouncy seats.

Newborns are used to constant motion and sounds in the womb. Even when a mother is lying still, a newborn hears rhythmic sounds and movement of fluids. Most newborns don’t like lying perfectly still or being in a perfectly quiet room. Vibrating bouncy seats address both issues. Most seats have mild vibrations along with a gentle humming. There are rubber stops on the bottom of the seat to prevent slipping while in vibrating mode. Most seats run on D batteries with the ability to turn the vibration off and on. Parents do report going through many batteries, so make sure to include some extra batteries with your gift. Vibrating seats are portable and make it easy to carry baby from room to room. Make sure you buy a seat with a removable cover for washing. Some seats actually require cover removal for changing the batteries, which would be inconvenient. Depending on your budget, some seats come with removable toy bars that allow for a number of hanging toys. Keep in mind that black and white toys, or highly contrasting colored toys, are best for newborn eyes.

A very popular bouncy seat among parents is the Fisher Price Deluxe Soothing Bouncer Seat. Parents label this a “must-have” and a “life saver” at The top-selling vibrating bouncer on is the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer, which sells for $44.95. Another top-seller is the Bright Starts Bouncing Buddies Cradling Bouncer, which sells for only $19.99. Whatever the price or accessories, a vibrating bouncer is a gift that will most likely be used daily.