Diaper cake as newborn gift

The words “diaper” and “cake” aren’t two words that rationally go together! However, if you have ever seen a diaper cake, you know it is not something to eat. A diaper cake is a very creative, practical newborn gift. Newborns can go through eight to ten diapers a day, so giving diapers as a shower or newborn gift is one of those practical gifts parents really appreciate. However, just handing over a couple packages of diapers isn’t very creative! Diaper cakes are the creative way of giving new parents such a practical gift.

You have the option of buying or making a diaper cake. If you choose to buy a cake, you will spend from $50 to $100 depending on the size of the cake. However, if you choose to make your own diaper cake, you will spend from $20 to $50, depending on the size of cake you want to make. You will need to use at least two packages of diapers. You can even use different sizes of diapers. Slightly larger sizes can go on the bottom two layers, while the smaller size diapers can be used for the upper layers.

The first task is rolling up all the diapers. Start with the open end and roll fairly tightly and tie with an elastic band. The top layer of the cake will use about 7 diapers. Once you’ve rolled all the diapers, bunch them together to make a circle, and then tie them together with a ribbon. The middle layer will take about 15 diapers and the bottom layer about 30 diapers. Of course, you can do as many layers as you like and make them fatter if you like! The base of your cake can be cut out of cardboard, or you can even use a large pizza pan. Secure the layers together by sticking a couple of wooden dowel rods in between the diapers so you can’t see them. Make sure you tie a colorful ribbon around each layer, and then wrap the entire cake with cellophane. Top it off with a matching bow on the top or a toy for the newborn. You now have a creative, useful newborn gift!