Gifts for newborn girls

It isn’t much of a secret that it is fun to shop for girls! There is a huge market for girls clothing, shoes and head wear. Years ago, the only way to distinguish between a baby boy and a baby girl was the color of clothing. Today, it is head wear! Many babies are bald, so a great gift for a newborn girl is a soft, comfortable headband. Headbands come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Head bands are sold in just about every baby store or boutique, but making them is much easier than you think.

The most recent trend in infant headwear is nylon. Nylon is comfortable and will stretch to fit rapidly growing heads. A nylon head band used by an infant can stretch to fit a toddler as well, making it a very useful gift. You can use regular nylons or children’s tights. When cutting nylons, make sure you cut closest to the panty side. Cutting closer to the toe side generally causes more runs in the nylon. The average infant head circumference is about 14 inches, so you will need a strip of nylon at least 14 inches long and three to four inches wide.

Begin by folding the right sides of the nylon together lengthwise. Use a small zig zag stitch in a close stitch length. This stitch will allow fabric to stretch while closing the seam securely. If you do not sew, you can run a seam of fabric glue around the edge of the folded fabric using a glue runner. Fold the other side and press over the glue. This glue is stretchy and will not gum up the fabric. You can hand stitch the two fronts together or use the fabric glue. This is the spot to decorate so you can cover the seam. You can use anything you like, but usually a bow or a flower looks nice. A great idea would be to loop some ribbon around this spot so you can use it to slide in a bow or flower on a clip. One headband becomes very useful since you can make several clips to interchange on one headband.

Nylon bows can be very expensive. A single nylon bow at a boutique will cost from $10 to $20. You can cut that cost in half by making them yourself. Bows are quick to make and the materials are readily accessible. A hand-made nylon bow is a great, personalized newborn gift.