Gifts for nursing mothers

Many nursing mothers get gift baskets with bottles and other feeding supplies. Before purchasing bottles for a gift basket, find out if the mother-to-be will be nursing! You could unknowingly purchase a completely useless gift. There are some great gifts that benefit nursing mothers and their infants. At the top of the list is a nursing pillow. Newborns will require up to 10 feedings per day. New mothers need all the strength they can get, so using a supportive pillow will help in many ways. Nursing pillows can help with the correct positioning of the baby as well as complete body support.

One of the first nursing pillows on the market was the Boppy. This pillow has several different uses. It slides around the mother’s waste in a half circle, which allows the baby’s head and entire body to rest on the pillow in proper position for feeding. As the baby grows, this pillow can also be used as a support for sitting up. Place the pillow around the baby in a sitting position. If the baby falls backward, or to either side, the pillow is there for support. The Boppy pillow comes in many colors and patterns, and some come with removable covers for washing. One drawback to this style of pillow is that it only comes in one size, so mothers with a larger waste may not find it comfortable.

The Natural Nursing Pillow is less circular and designed to fit your lap, not your waste. This pillow has an extra flap for smaller infants that need an extra boost. The Brest Friend pillow is another pillow that wraps around the waste. This pillow has pockets on the sides for storing baby items, such as a burp cloth. There are even pillows designed for nursing twins. Nursing pillows run from $18 to $40 depending on the design or merchant. Most nursing pillows can be purchased from major retailers as well as nursing boutiques. Nursing pillows make a great multi-function gift that new mothers will love.