Holiday gifts for newborns

A newborn will be most comfortable primarily wearing pajamas for the first couple of months. Frilly dresses for girls or cute jeans and hats for boys are great ideas, but are not the most practical gifts for a newborn. Depending on the month of birth, look ahead to the first few holidays and prepare a gift centered on holidays or other special occasions.

One of the first important days for a newborn will be the blessing/christening day. Parents will likely want to shop for this special outfit themselves. Look ahead to the next few holidays for ideas. If a baby is born in October, then start with a Christmas outfit in the appropriate size. New Years closely follows Christmas, so an appropriate outfit in the same size would most likely be available in October. Next, a Valentine’s Day outfit would be appropriate, but harder to find. Just look for any outfit, onesie or t-shirt that has hearts or is predominately red. Easter outfits are fairly easy to find out of season. Pastel dresses for girls, and dress slacks and white shirts for boys. For the 4th of July, look for red, white, and blue combinations. White socks with a red shirt, a blue skirt and a multi-colored hair ribbon would be a great 4th of July outfit for a baby girl. You can even have fun with less-celebrated holidays. Just look for anything green for St. Patrick’s Day, or black and orange for Halloween. Shopping online is a great way to get out of season outfits if you have the time to wait for shipping.

The idea is to have holiday outfits in progressively larger sizes to keep up with the growing newborn, so it is important to buy the appropriate sizes for each holiday. Parents will appreciate this very unique gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!