Music for newborns

A peacefully sleeping infant is heaven for a new mother. Newborns tend to sleep most of the day, but at times they need a little help. Certain types of music have been proven to be calming and soothing for newborns. Music can even strengthen premature babies. In a study at Brigham Young University, premature infants in a newborn intensive care unit “showed significant improvements when they were exposed to four days of a simple music medicine regimen.” Simply listening to lullabies caused lower heart rates and less stress in the infants. If you are looking for a unique shower or baby gift, try giving the gift of music!

Many parents sing lullabies to babies as they rock them to sleep. Other parents may feel inadequate in their singing abilities and can use a little help. Lullaby CDs are readily available, as well as “white noise” CDs. Infants tend to calm upon hearing the humming of a dryer, fan or even a vacuum cleaner. offers a variety of “white noise” CDs for infants in a variety of packages. For under $10, Disney Babies has a lullaby CD with 20 popular lullabies. Moon Dreams produces an award-wining collection of Lullabies entitled, “Carousel Dreams” for $14.95. Baby Einstein produces two wonderful collections of lullabies entitled “Lullaby Classics,” that includes famous composers such as Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms. Each volume is priced under $10.

Depending on your budget, you can buy a portable CD player to give along with your lullaby CDs. A portable player is wonderful since it can provide music for an infant in any room of the house. Even if you give only one lullaby CD, music is a gift that can be enjoyed every day and have a very positive, lasting effect. The gift of music is a very unique, comforting and thoughtful newborn gift.