Newborn Gift Baskets

When new parents bring a newborn home from the hospital, they quickly realize that a frilly dress is not the most practical gift! A newborn needs comfort more than anything else. Gift baskets that provide these comforts make wonderful newborn gifts. The first thing you need is a basket. You can determine how many products you need, and how much you will need to spend, by the size of the basket! A wicker basket that can be re-used is a good starting place. Wicker baskets can usually be found at any craft store, and they come in all sizes.

You can fill the basket with a variety of items, but don’t forget the comfort items! Comfort items include baby lotion, shampoo, wipes, a warm blanket, and even a bottle warmer. Travel size items are also a great idea for your basket. A diaper bag fills up very quickly if you don’t have travel size items, such as wipes, lotion, and hand sanitizer. If you know the sex of the child, you can customize your basket in traditional colors such as blue or pink. Both green and yellow are good neutral colors for both boys and girls.

Once you have your comfort items, use a few filler items for a more personal touch. A stuffed animal, a rubber duck, a few bath items, toys, and even a CD of lullabies can fill in the empty spots. Keep in mind that toys for newborns should be black and white or very bright, since newborns have very blurry vision for the first few months. Once your gift items are secure, add a few finishing touches. If your basket has a handle, attach a large matching ribbon at the top. Wrap the entire basket with cellophane to give your gift a professional look. Gift baskets are a great idea since you can set your own budget and use your own ideas to create a very practical gift with a personal touch!