Personalized newborn gifts

A personalized gift that includes a baby’s name will be a unique gift that becomes a treasure. There are many options for personalized baby gifts. There are several online companies that will embroider names and birthdates on blankets, hats, t-shirts or even teddy bears. Personalized porcelain booties are beautiful keepsakes that are handcrafted in either pink or blue with matching ribbons. These shoes are hand painted with the baby’s name, birth date and time, weight and length. Some companies make leather shoes with the baby’s name on the bottom of one shoe, and the birth date on the bottom of the other shoe. There are several options, styles and prices to choose from. Prices range from $15 to $50 depending on the shoe material and detailing.

Another unique gift with a personal touch is wooden blocks that can spell out the baby’s name or other phrases. These blocks can be used to decorate the baby’s room or sit on a shelf anywhere in the house. The blocks are hand-painted with a different letter on each side of the block. It is much easier to spell phrases when you have 4 letters per block to choose from. This is such a unique gift since it can be used to personalize the baby’s room from week to week. Upon arrival from the hospital, the blocks could spell “Welcome Home Elizabeth.” They can be changed for every holiday and special occasion. Once the baby is old enough, they become a stacking toy. Eventually, the blocks can be used to help teach letters and sounds. There are several online merchants that sell this style of block letters, with average prices ranging from $20 to $60. F.A.O. Schwarz has a beautiful handmade set that retails for $210!

Baby hand and footprint kits are also unique, personalized gifts. Plaster casting kits used to be popular, but tend to be expensive and messy. Instead, give an inkpad kit that uses washable, non-toxic blue or black ink. Most kits come with the supplies to imprint one hand and one foot, with frames for both. The trick is to take an imprint while the infant is sleeping!

Set yourself apart from the rest of the gift-giving crowd. Give a personalized gift that parents will cherish always.