Scrapbooks as newborn gifts

Since newborns grow so fast, preserving their memories is a priority for many parents. A great shower or baby gift is a basket full of scrapbooking supplies. There are all different styles and prices for scrapbooks. Prices range from $15 to $60, depending on the store or style of scrapbook. Major retail chains have scrapbooks in the lower price range. You can include a scrapbook, or just give the supplies depending on your budget. When buying a scrapbook, make sure the pages are made from acid free paper. In order to preserve pages for long periods of time, paper with a pH level of at least 7 is recommended.

It is very important to have photo-safe scrapbooking supplies. Make sure that any paper, cardstock or art paper your purchase is lignin-free. Paper that contains lignin will eventually turn yellow and brittle. Most paper does not contain lignin, but it is a good idea to check before you buy. Page protectors should be plastic, made from polypropylene and acid free in order to protect photos. Top-loading or side-loading page protectors are very user-friendly and enhance the overall scrapbook quality. Once you have these basics, you can add as many fun supplies to your gift as your budget allows.

Journaling on baby pages is very popular. Make sure you give acid-free pens. Many companies will write “Archival Quality” on their products so you know they are photo-safe. Photo-safe labeling pencils are also available. These pencils are used for labeling or tracing around the actual photo. These pencils allow you to erase with a soft cloth or cotton ball, without damaging photos. Acid-free glue, two-sided adhesive, and stickers are all great gift items. If your budget allows, you can add a cutting tool, a straight-edge trimmer, a corner rounder, or scissors with various cutting styles.

Put your supplies in a basket and wrap with cellophane. Tie a ribbon at the top and your newborn gift is complete. You have a wonderful gift that will help parents preserve memories of their newborn.