Stimulation gifts for newborns

Newborns can see when they are born, but vision is quite blurry for the first couple of months. Newborns are unable to distinguish colors until approximately three months old. When purchasing gifts for newborns, it is important to remember that black and white toys, or toys with highly contrasting colors, are best for stimulation. Black and white mobiles have become increasingly popular in recent years. Most parents will want to purchase their own mobiles, but there are plenty of other great gifts focused on the unique eyesight of newborns.

One idea is black, white and red infant stimulation flashcards. The high contrast between black, white and red is designed for early stimulation of the youngest newborns. These cards come with reverse pattern on each side. Some cards come with baby faces on the reverse side. Studies show that these cards help newborn concentration, can soothe and calm a fussy baby, increase attention span, and enhance curiosity. You can purchase good quality laminated cards that come with clips for hanging on baby’s car seat, bouncy seat, or crib. There are many varieties of these flashcards available at retail stores and online.

Mind shape toys are another variety of infant stimulation toys. These toys come in the shapes of squares, triangles and circles, and are varied in textures. They encourage little hands to grab, feel and hold on. Each side of the shape has a design or face in a highly contrasting color. Soothing sounds and noisemakers come from each shape, so newborns are encouraged to listen and look. Mind shapes have received many awards, including Dr. Toy’s 10 best educational products for infants. You can purchase these toys from several online merchants.

Activity gyms designed for infant stimulation are also available. Most gyms are designed for older babies, but many come with a base blanket for newborns. These blankets are designed for infant sensory stimulation with bright colors, different textured materials and small mirrors. These gifts are designed with the unique characteristics of newborn in mind. Whatever gift you choose, parents will appreciate a gift designed to enhance their newborn’s brain development.